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In the dynamic landscape of healthcare technology, the Dr DSRMD App sought to redefine patient-doctor interactions by introducing video call bookings and direct visit appointments. To boost its performance and increase app installs, Dr DSRMD collaborated with Rittz App Marketing. This case study explores how strategic marketing initiatives led to a surge in app performance, an uptick in installs, and a significant advancement in healthcare accessibility.

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The Dr DSRMD App, focusing on medical records management, faced challenges related to limited visibility, performance concerns, and the need for increased user acquisition. Recognizing the potential of the app to offer video call bookings and direct visit appointments, Dr DSRMD engaged with Rittz App Marketing to enhance these features and drive overall growth.

Enhancements Introduced

Video Call Booking

Dr DSRMD, in collaboration with Rittz, integrated a seamless video call booking feature into the app, facilitating remote consultations for patients.

Direct Visit Appointments

Users were provided with the option to schedule direct visit appointments, ensuring a comprehensive healthcare experience for those preferring in-person consultations.

Marketing Strategies Implemented


Performance Boost

The integration of video call booking and direct visit appointments significantly improved the app's performance, providing users with versatile and efficient healthcare options.

Increased Installs

The strategic marketing campaigns led to a substantial increase in app installs, as users were attracted to the added value of video call consultations and direct visit scheduling.

Positive User Feedback

Users expressed satisfaction with the new features, noting the ease of use and the flexibility offered by the video call and direct visit options.

Enhanced Healthcare Accessibility

The Dr DSRMD App became a preferred choice for patients seeking both remote and in-person healthcare services, contributing to increased healthcare accessibility.


The collaboration between Dr DSRMD and Rittz App Marketing proved instrumental in transforming the healthcare landscape. The addition of video call booking and direct visit appointments not only addressed user needs but also contributed to a substantial increase in app installs and improved overall performance. This case study exemplifies how innovative features, coupled with strategic marketing, can elevate a healthcare app’s prominence, fostering improved patient-doctor interactions and advancing healthcare accessibility in the digital age.

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